13 Mussoorie TV Series 2018 VIU Originals Season 1 All Episodes 720p Web-DL | Downoad | Watch Online | G-Drive |  160MB | [EP 1-8] Added

 13 Mussoorie TV Series (2018) VIU Originals Season 1 2018 All Episodes 720p Web-DL | Downoad | Watch Online | G-Drive |  160MB |

13 Mussoorie TV Series (2018) VIU Originals Season 1 2018 All Episodes 720p Web-DL

13 Mussoorie TV Series (2018) VIU Originals Season 1 2018 All Episodes 720p

🎬 Title: 13 Mussoorie TV Series (2018)

🎞 Year: 2018
🗣 Lnguage: Hindi
💿 Quality: 720p WEB-DL
🎭 Director: Abhijit Das
🎥Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Action, Crime
⭐️ IMDB: 8.2/10 


Season 01 13 Episodes


EP01     EP02

EP03     EP04

EP05     EP06

EP07     EP08




Based on the backdrop of a beautiful and serene city Mussoorie, the series revolves around a mysterious story of a merciless serial killer ‘AKS’. The entire city is in a miff to know about the man behind the endless murders. A fearless journalist Aditi Bisht, daughter of a celebrated senior cop of the city – Ajay Bisht and a wife of reputed cop Rishi Pant is on a mission to solve the case and find the serial killer. But a twist follows when Aditi is shocked to know about the mystery man and plans to close the case without revealing the details to anybody. But well, another surprise awaits, as Aditi gets trapped by a copycat killer claiming himself to be ‘AKS’. Will Aditi be able to track down the copycat killer before he reaches the endgame of his deranged puzzle? How long will she be able to hide the truth from her husband or the people of Mussoorie? And will there be collateral damage along the way?


There’s something about a quaint, fog-shrouded hill-station that lends itself effortlessly to the picture-perfect setting for a bracing murder mystery. And when the murder mystery involves a serial killer at large, it is like cherry on the cake of intrigue and complexity. 13 Mussoorie, the latest in a long line of originals from the stables of Viu India, is the murder mystery we’re talking about, and it spins a web of such intrigue and drama that the viewer is unwittingly drawn into it and caught in its unfathomable depths. Viu India presents this 13-episode web series, along with Bodhi Tree Multimedia, co-producers of the show. For those of you who love a fast-paced yarn about inexplicable murders, wild goose chases and cat-and-mouse crime dramas, Viu India’s latest web original, 13 Mussoorie, is like manna from heaven. It has all the elements of a good whodunit to whet the appetite of crime and murder aficionados – gory murders – check; deranged serial killer on the loose – check; corpses piling up by the plural – check; and…ahem…..pretty young thing risking life and limb to hunt down the serial killer before he strikes too close for comfort ­– check, again

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