Daredevil 2003 Dual Audio ORG Hindi BRRip 480p,720p Movie


Daredevil 2003 Dual Audio ORG Hindi BRRip 480p,720p Movie
Daredevil 2003 Dual Audio ORG Hindi BRRip 480p,720p Movie

IMDb: 5.3/10
Language: Hindi + Eng (Original Audio)

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Release Date: 14 February,2003(1h 43mint)
Director: Mark Steven Johnson
Writers: Mark Steven Johnson

Stars: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell

Storyline: Fate deals young orphan Matt Murdock a strange hand when he is doused with hazardous waste. The accident leaves Matt blind but also gives him a heightened “radar sense” that allows him to “see” far better than any man. Years later Murdock has grown into a man and becomes a respected criminal attorney. But after he’s done his “day job” Matt takes on a secret identity as “The Man Without Fear,” Daredevil, the masked avenger that patrols the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen and New York City to combat the injustice that he cannot tackle in the courtroom.


Daredevil 2003 Dual Audio ORG Hindi BRRip 480p,720p Movie



Reviews: T he origin is usually similar: A traumatic event in childhood, often involving the loss of parents, leaves the future superhero scarred in some ways but with preternatural powers in others. “Daredevil” came out of the Marvel Comics stable in the same period as “Spider-Man” and both were altered by accidents, which gave Peter Parker his spidey-sense, and blinded Matt Murdock but made his other four senses hypersensitive. They grew up together in Marvel comics, sometimes sharing the same adventures, but you won’t see them fraternizing in the movies because their rights are owned by different studios.
Daredevil” stars Ben Affleck as the superhero, wearing one of those molded body suits that defines his six-pack abs but, unlike Batman’s, doesn’t give him dime-sized nipples. His mask extends over his eyes, which are not needed since his other senses.

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  1. Bhai telugu daredevil hai Yeh in the name of Hollywood movie Daredevil

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