Flood Uppena 2007 BluRay Dual Audio 480p||720p

Flood Uppena 2007 BluRay Dual Audio 480p||720p

IMDB Ratings: 4.8/10
Director: Tony Mitchell
Stars Cast: Robert Carlyle, Jessalyn Gilsig, Tom Courtenay
Release Date: 24 August,2007
Run Time: 1h 50mint


Flood Uppena 2007 BluRay Dual Audio 480p||720p



User Reviews::

The production values for this film make it fall short of Hollywood blockbuster status, and the script makes it fall short of cult status. What is left is a tired formulaic attempt at the disaster movie genre that will disappear with the ebb tide.

A decent cast, are either miss cast, or cannot be bothered.The beautiful Joanne Whalley is unable to bring any gravitas to the role of Police Commissioner Nash who wears the most irritating matching waist clincher above her skirt.

Jessalyn Gilseg plays the heavyweight part of Director of the Thames Barrier with all the conviction of a fairground candy floss.Her Canadian nationality and accent were presumably drafted in to appeal to a transatlantic audience. It, and she, fails.Her initial appearance in a tight fitting pink jogging suit as she arrives at work is risible.

The part of the “Siren old git who was right” is played by Tom Courtenay as though he is acting in his sleep, and the various plot twists that are designed to energise his son, played by Robert Carlyle, struggle to get any response from him.

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