Moon 2009 BluRay Dual Audio 480p||720p Movie

Moon 2009 BluRay Dual Audio 480p||720p Movie
Moon 2009 BluRay Dual Audio 480p||720p Movie

IMDB Ratings: 8.0/10
Release Date: 10 July,2009
Run Time: 1h 37mint
Director: Duncan Jones
Stars Cast: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, Dominique McElligott
Language: Hindi + English

Film Story: Astronaut Sam Bell features a quintessentially private meeting toward the conclusion of his three-year stint to the Moon, where he, operating GERTY, along with his PC, transmits back to World packages of a source which has helped reduce our planet issues.


Moon 2009 BluRay Dual Audio 480p||720p Movie




Is “Moon” evoking “2001,” or does its mining outpost on the far side of the moon simply happen to date back to the “2001” era (which was of course eight years ago)? I lean toward the second theory. After the mission carrying Dave Bowman disappeared beyond Jupiter, mankind decided to focus on the moon, where we were already, you will recall, conducting operations. In “Moon,” the interior design of the new lunar station was influenced by the “2001” ship, and the station itself is supervised by Gerty, sort of a scaled-down HAL 9000 that scoots around.
At some point in the future (we can’t nail down the story’s time frame), this station on the far side is manned by a single crew member, Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell). He’s working out the final days of a three-year contract and is close to cracking from loneliness. Talking to loved ones via video link doesn’t satisfy. The station is largely automated; it processes lunar rock to extract Helium-3, used to provide Earth with pollution-free power from nuclear fusion.

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