O Teri 2014 Hindi 720p WEB-HDRip x264 Watch Online Download 

O Teri 2014 Hindi 720p WEB-HDRip x264 Watch Online Download


O Teri 2014 Hindi 720p WEB-HDRip x264 Watch Online Download 
O Teri
2014 ‧ Bollywood/Drama ‧ 1h 47m
67% liked this movie
Prantabh and Anand, associated with a news channel in Delhi, are in search of a big scam to prove a point to their senior. A dead body accidentally lands up in their car.
Initial release: March 28, 2014
Director: Umesh Bist
Starring: Pulkit Samrat, Bilal Amrohi, Sarah-Jane Dias
Language: Hindi

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O Teri
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O Teri 2014, Prantabh Pratap aka PP (Pulkit Samrat) and Anand Ishwaram Devdutt Subramanium/AIDS (Bilal Amrohi) are two journalists and roommates. Their boss Monsoon (Sarah-Jane Dias) always insults them for the horrid quality of their work. She never believes them and threatens to fire them from their jobs if they lie to her. One day PP and AIDS discover CBI Officer Avinash Tripathi’s dead body in their car and attempt to take it to their office.
However, by the time PP and AIDS have found Monsoon, the dead body has vanished causing Monsoon to think PP and AIDS lied and hence she fires them from their jobs. Frustrated, one day PP and AIDS are walking on a bridge which somehow collapses on the highway. On the news some people suggest the reason for the collapse could be a sonic boom, no blessings or the screw driver not inserted.
PP and AIDS somehow discover that the dead body had caused the bridge to fall. The police take it away from them and later they end up with a CD that could expose a corrupt politician. The politicians chase PP and AIDS into a warehouse where eventually the police arrives and Monsoon realises that the men were telling the truth all this while. The politicians get arrested and PP and AIDS become nationwide heroes.

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