Patel S.I.R (2018) 720p Hindi Dubbed | Download | Watch Online |

Patel S.I.R (2018) 720p Hindi Dubbed | Download | Watch Online |

Patel S.I.R (2018) 720p Hindi Dubbed | Download | Watch Online |

Title: Patel S.I.R
Year: 2017
Language: Telugu
All Genres: Action
Jagapathi Babu as Dr. Vallabh Patel 
Tanya Hope as A.C.P. Catherine 
Subbaraju as A.C.P. Viswas 



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The film begins with the 60-year-old retired army officer who is called as Patel S.I.R. (Jagapati Babu) who is roaming along with his blind granddaughter Yamini (Baby Dolly); targets a mafia gang led by D.R. / Devraj (Kabir Duhan Singh) spreading drug traffic all over the country. He starts killing DR’s men one after the other Lala (Prabhakar), Monti (Prithviraj) very brutally. A corrupted police officer A.C.P. Catherine (Tanya Hope) is appointed to find out the killer. Once she finds out Patel S.I.R. is the killer an interesting twist is revealed.

Subhash Patel is a highly decorated soldier, he wants his son Vallabh (again JB and again (Master Charan Ram) as Child Vallabh) to follow in his footsteps, but he wants to become a doctor, much to his father’s dismay and is, therefore, ordered out of the house. After few years when Patel’s wife Bharathi (Aamani) is in her deathbed, Vallabh comes to visit her with his wife Rajeswari / Raaji (Padma Priya) and children Bharath (Master Charan Ram) and Yamini (Baby Dolly). Following, Bharathi ’s death Patel decides to reconcile with his son, so the family reunites.

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