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2Hr 15min | Drama |  2 h 5 min
The film is about a gang of innocent abandoned kids named Kahaniya, Gudiya and Chandu who lead troubled lives in the slums. The Child trafficker Ghutan, a local don and his keep Surma, use their terror to sell these kids. Ghutan is controlled by a bogus Swami, a criminal who fakes himself as a spiritual leader. Swami is led by Netaji, a greedy politician who has an upper hand in all the crimes. When Gudiya becomes one of the victim, forced by Surma into sexual exploitation, these kids decide to run away from these people, who are trying to destroy their lives. They somehow travel from the city through dusty roads that lead them into a village in Rajasthan where they meet a Ghost. This ghost then helps the kids to teach Ghutan, Surma, Netaji and other criminal a lesson through his powers.


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